The 14th CA²RE conference focuses on INTERSECTIONS. The event planned in Zagreb stems from the conclusions of the Erasmus Ca2re+ research project focusing on design-driven doctoral research and its impact on those that participated in it, titled “Collective Evaluation of Design Driven Doctoral Training”. These conclusions form a basis for examining the impact these doctoral researches have had on a wider research community and its contribution to the achievement of broader art- and culture-oriented goals of new European agendas. It looks at how architectural and artistic doctoral research has been shared: in-between architects and artists, in-between the research and broader communities, and within new research platforms which have promoted a strategy of unifying arts with technology and societal inclusivity (such as the New European Bauhaus). The event invites examples of interdisciplinary and intermedial thinking and doing. Through lectures and sessions, it looks at examples of ongoing and completed doctoral design-driven research, as well as its impact within and outside of academic frameworks. It explores the intersections of academic research and current framing of funded research platforms, targetting professors, researchers, students, professionals in architecture, design, and art, policymakers, industry representatives.

We invite senior staff, advanced researchers, early-career researchers, and those involved in current projects (EU funded and others) to submit in-progress or concluded research projects engaged in design-driven research.

The event is hosted by the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, the oldest institution of higher education in Croatia combining education and research in the fields of architecture and urban design. It was founded in 1919 under the Technical School, and has been an independent Faculty since 1962. In 1989 it established the School of Design with programs in visual communications and product design.

The Faculty conducts a doctoral program in architecture and urban planning which aligns personal research interests with the broader framework of inquiries conducted at the school. Research is based on an integral understanding of inventive and pragmatic demands that constitute architectural methods and issues. Current funded research the Faculty participates in includes contemporary architectural theories, sustainability, low carbon and energy efficiency matters, methods and issues in architectural education as well as investigations on both histories and contemporary conditions of architectural and urban design. Through its involvement in the work of alliances and associations such as the European Association of Architectural Education, the faculty participates in current initiatives framing architectural research, multidisciplinarity in art and architecture, adapting content to sustainable development goals etc. As the Faculty's building is undergoing post-earthquake reconstruction, the conference will take place in multiple venues.

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